Online e-Commerce = Online Sales Workshop

Online e-Commerce = Online Sales Workshop

Online e-Commerce = Online Sales Workshop

Online e-Commerce = Online Sales – half day workshop

Half Day Workshop – Foundation / Intermediate Level

Are you wanting to start selling things from your website and enter the realm of e-commerce, m-commerce and omni-channel sales? If so then this workshop is the place to start. Our specialist trainers will provide you with advice, assistance in how you can implement this within your business and your website. If you have an existing website this will help you assess areas for improvement, if you don’t have a website it will provide a structured plan for you to build one. Your e-commerce questions will be answered.  This workshop focuses on setting up e-commerce and m-commerce on your website the best possible way for your business. So if you want to achieve more from your website, book now!

Course Descriptor

To understand how e-commerce and m-commerce can help your business develop and grow

  • Determine if your customers would benefit from online ordering
  • Assess suitable e-commerce and m-commerce solutions
  • Evaluate your security risks
  • Confirm your legal and statutory obligations
  • Develop your order fulfilment process
  • Confirm your business case for proceeding
  • Plan and monitor your e-commerce activity

Who should attend this workshop?

This course is aimed at business owners and employees who would like to understand online e-commerce, m-commerce leading to online sales revenue.

  • Are thinking about starting with e-commerce and m-commerce website but don’t know where to start;
  • Want to know about online selling and online income generation models, systems and tools;
  • Not sure what your legal obligations are or how to develop a fulfilment process;
  • Would like a plan for implementing your e-commerce and m-commerce activity.

Why should you attend?

By the end of this workshop, you will know :

  • What is e-Commerce, m-commerce and omni-channel;
  • Online Transactions & E-Commerce Components;
  • Content Management Systems & E-Commerce Systems;
  • Payment Options & Merchant Services;
  • Security & Legalities;
  • Fulfilment & Procedures;
  • e-commerce best practice;
  • Have a e-commerce plan to implement in your business