Cloud Computing: Company Competitiveness – half day workshop

Cloud Computing: Company Competitiveness – half day workshop

Cloud Computing: Company Competitiveness – half day workshop

Cloud Computing: Company Competitiveness – half day workshop

One Day or half Day Workshop – Foundation / Intermediate Level

This workshop follows on from the ICT for Business Success Workshop. This Workshop/Session is focused towards Growth Companies to assist in understanding Cloud Computing developments. If your business is thinking about advances in Could Technology or wondering if “cloud” can help your business grow, then this workshop is for you. It focuses on what is relevant and provides practical solutions and advice.

Course Descriptor

This workshop will help you understand what “Cloud” is and how it can assist your business efficiency and growth. It also covers which cloud platforms are right for what aspects of your business and show you how to make the most of cloud technologies within your business.  More importantly, you’ll have the confidence to investigate the use of some of the Cloud Technologies within your business.

  • Understand What is Cloud Computing and how can it help Business Growth
  • Cloud Options and Business Use
  • What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud Computing
  • How Cloud can benefit your customers
  • Identify approaches harnessing benefits whilst mitigating cyber security threats
  • How to use Cloud Technologies to increase efficiency and Effectiveness as a catalyst for business Growth

Who should attend this workshop?

This course is aimed at business owners and employees who would like to understand how to use Social Media to maximise marketing, engagement and sales.

This one day workshop is aimed at organisations who:

  • Target online businesses, organisations and individuals as potential customers;
  • Are thinking about how to use Cloud technologies but don’t know where to start;
  • Wanting to understand the benefits and drawbacks of Cloud Computing
  • Understand cost implications of different back office strategies;
  • Want to know where Cloud can fit into business systems and processes

Why should you attend?

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Have an overview of the most popular cloud systems used by business customers;
  • Understand how Cloud Computing fits in with your business development activity, systems and processes and how it can create efficiency and productivity savings
  • Understand how Cloud can benefit your customers
  • Know what Cloud Options could add value to your business and how to implement them
  • Create an action plan for your business and cloud tools