Maximise Mailchimp Merit (Advanced Mailchimp) 1 day workshop

Maximise Mailchimp Merit (Advanced Mailchimp) 1 day workshop

Maximise Mailchimp Merit (Advanced Mailchimp) 1 day workshop

Maximise Mailchimp Merit (Advanced Mailchimp) 1 day workshop

Do you want to email your contacts, prospects and clients, with targeted content of value that leads to increased conversions and sales. Do you use Mailchimp at a basic level, but are wanting to know how to use the many advanced targeting, social media and personalisation options? If you want your emails to provide a personal touch that add value to your prospecting and business relationships so that they lead to sales then you’ll want to attend our advanced level Mailchimp workshop. This workshop is a practical, hands-on, training course that covers effective email marketing strategies, social media integration, creating and using merge tags, personalisation and analysing advanced reports.  Book today to realise email marketing success in your business that leads to results.

Course Descriptor

What’s Covered on the Day (Maximise Mailchimp Merit):

  • Effective email marketing strategies
  • Groups and Segments Management
  • Social Media integration – Facebook, Twitter, Survey Monkey, Video etc.
  • Links and Merge Tags – Personalisation to target
  • Fields and content maximisation – table of contents and Polls
  • Thank you Pages
  • Triggers and Autoresponders
  • Advanced Campaign Management – RSS, Blog Posts,
  • Subscriber and List Management
  • Advanced Reporting Stats (exporting and Sharing)

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at business owners and employees who would like to make more effective use of Mailchimp for email marketing.

  • If you want to realise business benefits of having active Mailchimp engagement, success and lead generation
  • Not sure if and how Mailchimp and email marketing  can integrate into your business strategies
  • Want to generate leads and sales

Why should you attend?

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Have an overview of the more advanced features of Mailchimp for Business
  • Be able to use automation, groups and segments, full social media integration
  • Understand how to measure the success of your Mailchimp activity with advanced campaign management
  • Understand some of the more advanced Twitter Features
  • Have an outline Mailchimp Strategy for your Business
  • Have an quality HTML and plain text versions of emails for your business that can lead to conversions and increased sales revenue

Additional Information

Delegates should, if possible, bring their own laptop, phone or tablet to the course.