Google Analytics: Getting Answers Workshop

Google Analytics: Getting Answers Workshop

Google Analytics: Getting Answers Workshop

Google Analytics: Getting Answers – half or full day workshop

Half Day Workshop – Foundation / Intermediate Level

Do you want to know more about your business website visitors and how your content is performing? Google Analytics (GA) is arguable the best tool for web analytics and provides the means to track, analyse, and report on site visits, marketing goals, and ad revenue generated from your site. The best thing is that Google Analytics is powerful and yet free tool.

Course Descriptor

This workshop covers, setting up an account, installing tracking code, reading and understanding the dashboard, real time metrics, using flow visualisation, date, data options, reports and best practices. If you would like to understand how people use your company’s website and know how take actionable decisions based on insights from the vast array of data available and improve your website performance, then sign-up to this workshop now.

  • What is Web Analytics?
  • What does Analytics Measure?
  • How GA Works and How to Set it up
  • GA Reporting Fundamentals
  • Detailed Reports – Pie, e-commerce & Filters
  • Introduction to Segmentation and Dimension Slicing
  • Sharing Options
  • Visitor & Audience Reports and Benchmarking
  • Traffic Sources & Channel Reports
  • Behaviour & Content Reports
  • Conversions

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at business owners and employees who would like to make more effective understand and improve their website performance.

  • You have a website but aren’t tracking it or sure if you are tracking it correctly;
  • If you want to realise business benefits of monitoring visitor, prospect and customer website engagement;
  • Wanting to understand the value website and website analytics are to your business strategies;
  • Don’t understand how to create the reports you need and how to interpret them;
  • Want to generate increased leads and sales

Why should you attend?

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the core and intermediate features of Google Analytics dashboard
  • Understanding of and how to interpret the reports generated from GA’s reporting tools
  • Understand and improve website performance, resulting in more sales and conversions.
  • Increase your website visitors that carry out a call to action and ultimately more sales.
  • Be able to use your time effectively by marketing to the right target audience in turn yielding more results.
  • Growing and developing your business in line with your business and social media marketing strategies

Additional Information

Delegates should, if possible, bring their own laptop, phone or tablet to the course.