Specialist & Expert Advice

Specialist & Expert Advice

Are you needing a specialist in your business? Do you have a problem that only a specialist can solve but don’t have the money to recruit someone? Speak to Us!

We have a specialist team of staff and associates that are highly regarded professionals in their fields and disciplines that can solve your issues and help you be as successful and profitable as possible.

We are also experienced in helping you secure funding and grants to support your business activities. So,you may be eligible to receive up to 50% off our specialist consultancy fees if you are in particular geographic areas or particular business size or requiring specific activities to be undertaken as part of the project. Contact Us to see if you are eligible to receive our quality professional services at a reduced price!

Our specialist and Expert Advice service covers the following areas –

  • Expert Business consultancy and Business Planning
  • Specialist Finance, Legal & HR Support
  • Marketing, Advertising & PR
  • Accountancy and Finance
  • IT/Web/Social Media
  • Social Enterprise / Charity
  • Social Media
  • Website, E-Commerce, SEO and SEM
  • Sales/Marketing

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