Getting Data Protection Right: GDPR for Business Workshop

Getting Data Protection Right: GDPR for Business Workshop

Getting Data Protection Right: GDPR for Business Workshop

Getting Data Protection Right: GDPR for Business – half day workshop

Half Day Workshop – Foundation / Intermediate Level

This workshop follows on from the ICT for Business Success Workshop. This Workshop/Session is focused towards Growth Companies to assist in understanding Cloud Computing developments. If your business is thinking about advances in Could Technology or wondering if “cloud” can help your business grow, then this workshop is for you.

If you don’t know about GDPR (and no it isn’t Geting Data Protection Right… though that is what you will do in this workshop), The General Data Protection Regulations which govern UK businesses, then coming along to this workshop will help you and your business. It is vital to make sure you comply with the legislation but also keep customer’s data safe and secure and protect your business against various cyber threats. It focuses on what is relevant and provides practical solutions and advice. Sign up to this workshop to get you on the right path.

Course Descriptor

This half day workshop covers the following:

  • What is GDPR and how does it apply to your business?
  • Principles of Data Protection and compliance
  • Know what data you hold, what rights individuals have
  • know about consent, legal basis and privacy
  • Preparing for data breaches: Know what to do if something goes wrong?
  • Know and mitigate risks your business faces
  • How to control access to your data and services and proactively protect them
  • Achieving GDPR compliance

Who should attend this workshop?

This course is aimed at all business owners and company employees who control, manage, capture, and use customer data

This half day workshop is aimed at organisations who:

  • Don’t know about GDPR or are unsure if they are compliant;
  • Needs to understand Data Protection principles and compliance;
  • Wanting to review their data capture and data processing in a GDPR context;
  • Wants to be prepared for data breaches and know what to if it happens;
  • Wants to achieve GDPR compliance

Why should you attend?

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Know what to do to work towards compliance
  • Be more prepared for data breaches
  • Be in greater control of the security of your data, services, hardware and software
  • Have a process for ensuring GDPR consent and handling access requrests
  • Be aware of additional resources to assist
  • Have checklists and action plan to aid GDPR implementation