Business strategy

Business strategy

Business strategy

Business planning, analysis, change management and stakeholder engagement

Looking to develop your business? Thinking about completing a business plan but not sure where to start? Need to undertake stakeholder engagement but not sure how?

Let us help!

At Evolutio we write and support the development of business plans, analysis of existing businesses and provide an action plan for change. We assist in the process of change in the business to allow your business to make a step-change in planning, development and growth.  We specialise in helping you develop your strategy, realise your business aspirations and goals and can help you secure external funding and grants to assist. We can provide:

  • Business plans and Cash Flow forecasts
  • Strategic / Growth Plans
  • Social enterprise development plans for income generation
  • Assistance in change management through innovation with technology
  • Assistance in stakeholder engagement and review and evaluation of service delivery
  • Facilitated sessions with Management Team or Board of Directors / Senior Staff

Our focus is on providing you with independent knowledge and advice to empower you to implement positive change in the business. Not change for change sake.  We can facilitate sessions with your Management Team / Board, provide external input into your planning process to aid decision making.

If you are a small, medium sized business or a social enterprise looking for stakeholder engagement, production of a development or business plan then contact us to see how we can assist you.