Website, IT & Social Media Audits

Website, IT & Social Media Audits

Website, IT & Social Media Audits

Got a website, use technology and/or social media within your business, but not sure it if is working for you? Think that you could do more;  but not sure how?  Let us help.

We provide an impartial, independent perspective on your website, IT systems, e-commerce and social media activity. Sometimes having another expert “eye” looking over something provides a fresh way of looking at a problem and can assist in realising missed opportunities. We help you understand what the current situation is, where it works and doesn’t, and crucially what can be done to help increase your performance and results that add value to your business. We explain everything in plain English and pride ourselves in always suggesting the most cost-effective, appropriate and benefical solution for your business.

Our services include:

  • Website Audits and Strategies
  • E-Commerce Audits and Strategies
  • Technology and IT systems Audits and Strategies
  • Social Media Audits and Strategies
  • Integrate all these services into your business strategy, business plan and overall marketing strategy

What we do is provide an audit of your existing website, or IT systems, social media usage and provide a written report that we then talk through with you that outlines an action plan for achieving more. It is not just a pointless report, but rather an audit of what is there and recommendations and an action plan on how to improve business results from your technology.

You can then take the recommendations and action plan and take this to your in-house team, external website developer, or IT contractor to assist you in implementation. We can also provide you and your team with training to help you maintain and maximise use internally; making the most of what you already have.

We can further develop this into a strategy for your business, linked with your business plan to ensure that your business objectives are maximised and facilitated by technology. Our focus is on how to practically maximise the business benefits of your website, technology, and social media in your business that empowers you, your staff and business to create efficiencies, grow and evolve your business.

To receive your business technology audit and realise the business benefits, contact us now.